Czech brand with a history since 2017 producing unique stylish pieces made in the Czech Republic and around the world. Quality and with an emphasis on a uniquely pleasant feeling when wearing.

At Exalted we make sure that we offer our customers the highest quality and the most modern cuts. That is why we have both Czech sewing workshops and workshops operating abroad among our suppliers. However, these are not dubious and low-quality factories from China but workshops that we have visited ourselves, tested and found their relevance.

You must be wondering now why we do not focus only on Czech production. Unfortunately, no Czech supplier offers the advanced methods of manufacturing modern patterns or the mix of materials we would like for our products to make us and our customers happy.

High quality products: at Exalted we pride ourselves on offering our customers top quality products that are made with care and attention to detail. This means that customers can trust that they are getting a product that is made to last and perform well in any situation.

Wide range of clothing products: where we believe that everyone can find and choose their own. If that's not the case, please contact us and we'll see - maybe we can come up with something together!

Competitive prices: although we are very meticulous and only offer high quality products under the Exalted brand, we can keep our prices competitive so that all our customers can easily afford the things they like.

Great customer service: customers are the alpha and omega of everything for us. That's why we value them all so much and strive to provide excellent customer service. They can expect fast and friendly assistance in solving any questions or problems.

Promotions and discounts: To further show our customers how much we appreciate them, we regularly offer promotions and discounts on all of our products so you can get exciting deals and snag your Exalted products for literally pennies. All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter and follow Exalted's social media.

Products sewn in our Czech workshop

  • These are products that are sewn and that is why we want them to be processed in Czech workshops by Czech skilled hands.
  • For men's products, we focus on comfort and attractiveness of fit. 
    • Our aim is to elevate the main masculine features, whether it be the shapely arms, chest or legs.
  • For women's products we aim for comfort, attractiveness of style, seamlessness so that nothing is pinched, cut, shining or sliding.
    • Our goal is to elevate women's elegance but at the same time sensuality and even a slight seductiveness.
    • This is due to the cuts that beautifully hug the skin, are comfortable and accentuate feminine curves such as the buttocks thanks to the ruched seam. 
  • All products are made to be suitable for sports as well as for everyday wear.

Products made in our foreign workshops

  • These are mostly products that are created using a seamless technology called seamless.
  • Unfortunately no local workshop offers this production technology in the quality we would like to use for our products. 
  • The main advantages of seamless clothing is beyond their growing popularity
    • Greater comfort, which is due to the fact that traditional leggings with their seams can cause irritation or blisters for prolonged wear. Seamless technology, however, eliminates this problem and makes them much more comfortable.
    • They hold their shape and fit because there are no seams to pull or loosen.
    • Overall seamless technology provides a more comfortable and durable product.