About us

Exalted is a premium brand offering clothing for fitness, sports, and leisure activities. Our primary goal is to fully satisfy our customers' requirements and provide them with high-quality and comfortable products. However, Exalted is more than just a brand. It's a way of life.

Exalted symbolizes nobility and a constant stream of trends, modern design, and uncompromising quality. Each product is the result of passion and meticulous work to meet all expectations. Our aim is to motivate and inspire all those who aspire to improve themselves. Together under our logo with wings that symbolize Exalted, we unite positive individuals who continuously work on themselves. We create experiences and stories that leave an unforgettable impression. We believe that through regular self-improvement, both mentally and physically, you can achieve a better version of yourself. #Exalted #NeverGonnaStop

The Exalted brand (exalted.com) was founded in the heart of Prague in 2017 with a single purpose: to create a truly unique identity. Our primary mission is to support anyone with the desire and motivation to achieve their goals. We are here to accompany and motivate them on their journey, even in moments when they consider giving up. An integral part of this mission is also building healthy habits and connecting people who share similar goals and values.

We believe that hard work always beats talent.

We believe that one should not compare oneself to anyone.

We believe that one should only have oneself as an opponent and strive every day to be better than yesterday.

We believe that loyalty, decency, empathy and honesty are the strongest values that the community promotes.

"... But those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted..."

Who are we?

We design our Exalted products with the utmost precision and attention to detail. Each product is carefully crafted and thoroughly tested before it hits the market. Our primary goal is to ensure maximum comfort, flexibility, and the highest quality for your workout needs. This is what makes each product unique.

Our range includes both non-seamless products, which are handcrafted in a Czech sewing workshop, and seamless products sourced from international suppliers. The choice to manufacture abroad aims to provide access to the latest and most advanced technologies for seamless clothing production. This enables us to offer our customers top-notch products that combine innovation with comfort and design.

Exalted community

By purchasing clothing Exalted, you not only become the owner of exceptional products but also an integral part of our broad community. A community that, under the wings of Exalted, unites a group of strong and courageous individuals who overcome obstacles and challenges every day on their journey towards their dreams.

Join us and be a part of the motivating Exalted family, which is always here for you, whether you need advice, motivation, or simply want to share your successes.



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